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Funding Your Property Investment

Investing in property has been one of the most popular ways to accumulate wealth for Australians over the last few decades.

At Ocean Edge Finance we’re able to assist in arranging finance for everyone from first time investors, right through to facilitating finance for complex investment structures.

Ocean Edge Finance can help you with many loan types and services.

Loan Types

Investment Loans
Family Trust Loans
Construction Loans​
Principal & Interest Loans​
Interest Only Investment Loans
Variable Rate Home Loans​
Fixed Rate Home Loans​
Investment Refinance


Investment Property Purchases
Complex Investment Loan Structures
Family Trust Loan Structures
Extracting equity for investment
Split loans
Company Loans
Interest offset strategies

Our Process

Ocean Edge Finance’s priority is to ensure our clients receive the optimal loan possible for their goals. Following is a nine step process outlining securing a home loan when working with Ocean Edge Finance:

Step 1

Initial Consultation

This is the beginning of the process where we discuss your goals. Under the umbrella of strict regulatory and legislative requirements, known as responsible lending, we work closely with you to ensure you achieve your objectives. To do this we will look closely at your financial position and, with your permission, run your credit report.

Step 2

Document Collection

We will follow-up our initial discussion collating your documentation and information pertaining to your financial position. This information will be analysed and assessed to determine your ability to secure a home loan. If your ability to secure a home loan is positive these documents will ultimately be sent to the lender as supporting documentation.

Step 3

In Depth Comparative Market Analysis

At this point we provide a range of home loan products and compare the most appropriate based on our initial discussion. The essence of in-depth comparative market analysis is the ability to provide choice for our clients.

Step 4

Prepare all Application Documentation

Once you have chosen your preferred lender we will prepare the home loan application for signing.

Step 5

Home Loan Application Submission

Once you have signed your home loan application we then submit to the lender along with your supporting documentation.

Step 6

Approval Process

We work closely with the lender to ensure all regulatory requirements are met and answer any questions they have as we move towards formal approval.

Step 7

Loan Documents

One the loan is approved the loan contracts will be issued. We will work closely with you to ensure all the details on the loan documents are correct and assist you in understanding and signing the loan contracts.

Step 8


Whether it be a purchase or a refinance we carry out all the necessary leg work to ensure a smooth settlement. For purchases we also work closely with your settlement agent and the vendor’s real estate agent are kept informed and up-to-date throughout the process.

Step 9

Ongoing Reviews

Brokering and settling your home loan is just the beginning. We will follow-up after settlement to ensure your loan is running properly. We will continue to stay in contact to ensure the loan continues to be the best option for you.

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