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As an employer or manager, you know the importance of having fit and healthy staff. You may already offer fitness and health related employee benefits.

But what about your employee’s financial health?

No matter what stage of life your employees are in, financial stressors often top their list of life challenges. Providing employees with a mortgage health check program can help reduce the financial stress associated with their biggest debt, and help reduce one of their major financial stress points. We see this as forming an integral part of employee well-being.

Yes the finance health check was great, I did get some very good information from Jason and going to follow up with him in a about a month.
February 2019
I found it really useful, he gave me a good idea where to start/ what's required to buy your first place (I had no clue beforehand)
February 2019
I think the session was good, he took my details and said he would get back to me regarding a few things but gave me insight into my borrowing power if I decided to refinance and validated some of the decisions I have made in the last few years
February 2019

How We Help Employers and HR Professionals


Our easy booking management system allows your employees to book their own meeting time within a timeframe you set. Instant notification if provided to manager, along with your own company portal with an overview of all bookings


Expert mortgage advice with over 20 years of combined finance industry experience


We offer your employee’s a free mortgage health check in the convenience of your own office, at a time which is convenient for your organisation


We provide informational email templates to send to your employees and statistical reporting on the success of the program for management. All accessible through our private online portal.

What We Offer Employees

No Charge

The 30 minute mortgage health check comes at no charge to all employees, and will take into account each individuals specific financial circumstances


Independent full assessment of all debt to determine possible savings


Advice for property investors and upgraders

First Home Buyers

First home buyer analysis and information session